PictureEven Bruce is looking forward to some sleep
So Megan & Ava are making their way back to Brisbane for a week of medical check ups, and tests that will hopefully show that she has outgrown some of her allergies.  Now, Bruce and I have a whole week of man-time to waste until they get back.

The first thing I plan to do with my week off is to catch up on some sleep - no more late-night feedings, no real reason to be up early and no one around to be jealous of my daytime napping.  No scheduled meal times and no need to pack Megan's lunch each day...  As liberating as all that seems, being a stay-at-home-dad without the family does make life rather empty.  

Of course, taking care of the puppy is now my first priority, but looking after him is quite simple - we're both fairly low maintenance and easily kept occupied.  So what else am I going to with all this new free time?  
Firstly, I now find myself with so much energy, so it's off to the gym and rugby practice.  Secondly, time to prepare something meaty for whenever I'm hungry, and to tee up some mindless action movies and video games.  Also on our hit list is moving Ava's stuff into our spare room...  A big milestone in her tiny little life, but hopefully one she'll get used to sooner rather than later, and something that will mean more sleep for everyone after my girls return.  

So in my newly discovered freedom I'll be doing all I can to keep myself as busy as I can, and not because I resented all the pink that used to adorn the apartment when they were around and needed to reinstate some manliness, but because secretly I miss them both incredibly, and now that Bruce and I are on our own, we have absolutely no idea what to do with ourselves.  I never thought that I would feel such an enormous hole in my life without them around, especially for such a short time, so in all honestly I'll probably spend most of my week off just waiting for them to get back.


Lisa Coletta Scott
02/13/2014 1:41pm

It's so cool to read about all your adventures as a stay at home dad. I'm a stay at home mom and feel comfort in hearing the same challenges from a mans point of view. It's the same! Sometimes you feel like you've accomplished nothing all day when the baby has demanded all of your time and attention. It's such a huge transition from working and going to the gym and making dinner and watching TV and cleaning. Some days are just 'baby'. Whether you're a man or woman, the job of stay-at-home parent is a big one. A smile or giggle fest replaces the promotion or kick-ass workout. Any milestone of your baby's makes all of the sleepless nights worth it. It's a privilege to watch such a gorgeous human being grow and to be her number one fan. You're a good dad, Chris. Good for you for attending the play groups! I haven't yet... I've been hybernating so far. Can't wait for spring to go on walks with the dogs and baby. The snow really keeps us indoors but you don't have that issue! Anyways, enjoy your beautiful doll and lovely family. I look forward to your next post :)
Oh how far we've come since partying it up in Lagos! Life flies, doesn't it?


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