This is a debate that my lady & I have often.  What to call our developing child.  The fact that we debate about it slightly amuses me, as I know full well that I have absolutely no say in the matter at all.  Several friends that I have spoken to about the issue have said the same thing.  The best solution I've heard is for the mother to write down 5-10 names, and the father gets to select the one he likes best.  All other attempts seem to have been met with any combination of the following: "it's in MY belly"; "you don't even know the sex yet"; "my ex was named that"; "your ex was named that"; or my favourite reaction - stark, deathly silence, backed up with an icy, heart-piercing glare that makes every organism in the room want to die slowly and alone...

One of the latest 'trends' that we've observed in the more & more absurd game of child naming is the merging of two names (because apparently, people can be that indecisive now) to form one ridiculous title, like 'Staniel', or 'Audlissa'.
Yes, apparently, this is now a thing.
If my child ends up going to school with a kid that's unfortunate to have parents this inane, I'm going to make sure they get made fun of.  It's not my fault.  It's their parents' fault.

For reference:
But it doesn't have to be this bad, does it?  I often get chastised for being boring, for wanting names like Daniel & Ava, but really, is that such a sin, when in a few years' time, he or she will be going to school surrounded by other kids named Atticus and Thelonius?  (Well done, hipsters, that's your legacy)

The good folks at have put together a good system, though.  It seems quite logical & balanced, without too much room for making too much of a mess of things.  Check it out here:

Right now, though, it's time for me to get out of here.  It's Friday night!!


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