PictureNot all Aussies are legends.
Megan and Ava are now safe and sound back in Australia, and enjoying all the benefits of being back home - safe roads, good groceries, high prices...

I will be joining them in just a few hours, and as I loiter in the airport lounge, I can't help but be frustrated.  Not so much that I'm here & they're there, nor that they've had to fend for themselves for the past day, but that they're back in a society in which people think that their opinions matter. 

While checking in to my flight, Megan called me from outside a supermarket.  She'd just pulled over to feed Ava and do some shopping, and Ava was doing some fussing, as she is inclined to do.  Out of nowhere, some woman comes up to her and snidely says "you need to feed your baby".  I don't need to tell you how condescending that must have sounded to a new mother - any mother - let alone one with an already sick baby, and who is doing her absolute best to keep that baby healthy. 

Instantly I wanted to get my Papa grizzly bear hatred on, but that wouldn't have helped anything - not in an airport.  Then I was overcome with a feeling of helplessness, that there was absolutely nothing I could do to make her feel better about this idiot woman who had taken it upon herself to ruin Meg's day.  I can't fathom how her interjection could be perceived as beneficial to anyone. 

Anyway, as much as I'd like to meet with that woman myself, nothing will change.  She won't become any less of a moron, and it won't stop others from feeling as though their opinions on our baby are something we want to hear.  As much as I love my country and miss everything about it, this incident makes me value how much people seem to adore our little white unicorn baby here. 


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