Well we've made it to week two and no one has died....  That might sound a little tactless, given the current situation in Manila...

With all the rain & flooding, we've been almost trapped in our building this week.  Meg's father made a surprise appearance for a few days, which was great.  He managed to shower little Ava with gifts before fighting his way trough the water to make his flight (on the second attempt).  He was able to pick up a set of baby scales from a nearby medical supply store, which thankfully means we don't have to head to the hospital to check her feeding, etc.  We had to make a trip in on Monday, when the rains were at their heaviest, when almost all of Manila had shut down, and when our car was coding...  The result turned out fine - she's healthy & feeding well, but must be in the middle of a growth spurt, as she has gone a couple of days without pooping (I realise the irony of my last post now). 

Bruce has taken a real shine to our new addition, acting very warily around her, and never overstepping his limit.  He obviously knows the new little person is to be treated very delicately, and isn't reacting too badly to the change in focus of our attention.  It's a bit soon to be letting them both play together, but I've got a good feeling that they'll be great mates! 

We're about to lose our grandparents this weekend, so afterward will be on our own.  It'll mean less sleep, but hopefully from now we can start to get into a bit more of a routine as Ava has got much better at sleeping at night between feeds.  The days are getting better, and our swaddle wraps are getting a workout.  I'm sure it's going to continue to be a struggle before it gets too much better...  I'm looking forward to it though!


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