Our first week is coming to an end - our little beauty is a week old!  The days have flown; it seems like it's been one long, sleepless expanse of time, perforated by feeding sessions & nappy changes.

Ava has become so beautiful in that way that only newborns can.  Her little face has turned amazingly feminine, as have the little noises she makes.  She's losing a bit of her puppy fat as Meg's milk comes in, but she's still looking very healthy.  She is a slight tinge of yellow, though, as we haven't been able to take her out into the sun much yet.  There's a typhoon in town at the moment so there's very limited opportunity to get her out & about at the moment.

We're both currently getting minimal sleep - as amazing as our new baby is, she does have a demanding streak and a hefty set of lungs when she wants something...  And it's taking a bit of a toll upon us...  Of course having our helpers is still great, we wouldn't be getting any sleep at all if it weren't for them! 

The good parts are though, that Meg has lost about 11kg so far, so she's very impressed with herself!  She's feeding regularly, and although it could be better, she's producing a good number of nappies.  She's got almost a full head of soft, blonde hair and a stunning pair of deep blue eyes.  Her little muscles are still all there and despite her puppy fat, she's got a brilliant set of quads, delts & traps.  Her little tummy is getting rounder and her chubby little cheeks are just so cute!! 

She has a check-up with the doctor soon, on her one-week birthday.  Hopefully we'll all score well on whatever tests she does & the TB shot won't hurt too mcuh  We are also in the process of registering her as an Australian citizen, so fingers crossed about that one.  She could be stateless for some time yet!  It's quite a process, I'll let you know how it goes...


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