So tonight we're going through a bit of an issue - Megan is having a busy week at work and I feel like we haven't seen each other all week.  She gets home after a long day and is so worn out that she ends up in bed almost immediately after dinner.  Now obviously I'm not blaming her for anything here - growing another human inside you has got to be exhausting, as well as going on an almost total caffeine detox...
We are in the early stages of trimester #2, and we've both been eating ok.  Not too much, but not starving.  Apparently this is not uncommon, but fades away after the placenta has fully developed.  It's not like her to be this tired at all, but the worst part is that she feels so upset because we haven't spent any real time together all week.  
Let's hope Heidi's advice comes through for us...
Thanks Heidi.

03/09/2013 9:16pm

I had never been so damn tired in all my life!! i would literally sleep anywhere and everywhere. in the car on the way to the station, on the train, at lunch, on the train home, in the car from the station, on the couch while derek cooked dinner and into bed straight after dinner!! ridiculous! but dont worry it doesnt last the whole time, it does go away and she will get a big energy buzz down the track... just get as much sleep as possibly now while you can... :)


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