We were never one of those new age couples that chose to have our child before getting married.  After all, formal marriage seemed like such an old fashioned formality to us, but our child just couldn't wait to be born.  Her birth was never going to be a decisive issue; she was always going to come along at her own pace, and she did.  She came well before we were married, and well probably well before we were ready...

We both like to think that our child's readiness to come into this world was a product of both our upbringings.  We're both self-starters and our Ava seems to be an epitome of both of our talents.  However, we were still to complete our formal, legal obligation to her and each other: to be wed.  To many of us, marriage might be an institution of the past - where a man and a woman are bound for eternity to each other in Holy matrimony.  To others, it more closely represents a tacit bond that can't be broken, a fellowship between two people that no one else could understand.  Our decision to wed was not based on religious grounds, more on the secular basis that our little one should be raised in an inclusive family in which she has no question about our devotion to one another.

Our marriage was far from a religious ceremony: evidence is in one of the suggestions for advice that my dearest shared with me - I should check out pinkiceland.is for tips...  Anyway, the wedding went off without a hitch, and our little lady was the perfect flower girl for our day (even if she couldn't stand the cold, she was still a picture of absolute cuteness).  Also, we had a sea captain for an officiant, which was also quite awesome.  

For us it was a day of unbridled happiness.  For our child it was probably incredibly confusing.  We wanted her to be a part of everything as much as she could, but knew that it might get a bit much for her.  She was perfect throughout almost all of our day, but the cold didn't quite work out.  We both agree that there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing, and as much as we tried to prepare Ava for the numbed fingers and stingy toes, we couldn't make it perfect for her.  

Anyway, here are some cute pictures of our little angel on our wedding day.  Having our child present at our wedding was one of the happiest moments of my life.  I could never imagine having this day without her.  

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