Traveling with infants seems to be one thing that everyone struggles with.  Through no fault of their own, we've seen hundreds of hapless, hopeless parents battling to keep their wee ones from screaming through take offs and landings, and felt a bit of pity for them - followed by a fair bit of anger and a good share of "shut that bloody kid up" glares...  I may have been guilty of a bit of that in the past...  Our flight turned out to be probably the easiest part of our trip - that said, we'd planned for it to be the most difficult. 

We had bottles, nappies, wipes, bags, blankets, even drugs...  Everything we could possibly think to bring, and expected that we would need all of it.  If Ava's previous form was anything to go by, they would've kicked us all off the plane. 

Somehow, though, Ava was a picture of innocence and serenity.  Not once did she make a fuss.  She spent more time asleep than I think I ever have - in all my flights - slept on a plane.  I'm chalking it up to the amount of time Megan spent in the air while pregnant, but really I have no idea how Ava remained so calm throughout the whole ordeal. 

It was a fair bit of effort, though.  We carried her everywhere in a carrier, and made sure she had all of the blankets that she's used to so we could swaddle her up all nice & cosy when we needed to.  We also took a whole pile of nappies - way more than we needed, but as always, better safe than sorry - as well as all the bottles we could carry, and an extra tin of formula.  It all came in handy when we had a 4 hour layover in Singapore on the way back and Ava had consumed everything we'd prepared for her - a whole day's worth in one 7 hour flight!  So there I was scrubbing & drying bottles in the tiny parents' room of Changi's T2 (if you're in the same boat, take the train to T3...  It'll be worth it), making up more bottles with our tin of formula.  It felt wrong to be carrying so much liquid & white powder through an airport, but no one at all cared. 

I was amazed at how well she was behaved on her first international flight, and now that she's completed four of them, I'm beginning to think it's not just luck - she might actually be a really good traveller! 


11/07/2013 7:07pm

I reckon it would be so much easier with a little one.. A 20 month old gets bored very easily and no matter how many episodes of peppa the pig on the ipad you have it still doesnt suffice! The singas to London 14 hour flight we endured was HELL ON WHEELS. We almost arrived as just a couple! In saying that we had much better luck on the way home, thankfully.

11/07/2013 7:49pm

Thanks Ams, yes we're very fortunate that Ava's attention is pretty easy to appease right now. The future will be more difficult, but right now I'm happy that she's getting a bit of exposure to air travel. I had the worst trouble flying as a kid... My little ears were constantly stinging with pain!! I'm so happy that Ava doesn't have to go through that though!

11/19/2013 2:34am

I think she might be a Strid traveler ... Kayleb (her cousin) is so like Ava ...


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