With the end in sight, it's time to get our things together, just in case our little one decides that it's time.

Normally when we travel, Megan packs 2 & 3/4 suitcases full, at the very last moment (after all, you never really know if there's something that "just maybe I might want to wear today").  So with a bit more at stake than being stuck in Hong Kong without the perfect top, we've managed to throw some things together.  At least we know which colour the nurses will be wearing...

Here's our list for the grab-bags.
For Her:
  • Copies of the birth plan (probably at least 3)
  • TENS machine & spare batteries
  • An old, comfy shirt for labour (apparently things get pretty messy)
  • Maternity pads & old underwear (for the same reason)
  • Snacks & drinks - the high protein, high energy kind
  • Toiletries
  • Trashy magazines
  • An ipad loaded with movies & trashy TV shows
  • An ipod & stereo
  • Scented candles to help her relax
  • Breastfeeding gear - pads, creams, shields, etc
  • Blankets (local hospitals don't usually have any)
  • Going home clothes (around the 6-month mark, sizewise)

For Him:
  • A change of clothes (we could be there for a while)
  • Snacks & drinks
  • A book or two
  • Camera
  • Phone chargers, etc
  • Bribes (nurses can be much more amenable if you keep their blood sugar up)

For Baby:
  • Blankets
  • Little outfits (all sizes & colours)
  • Nappies, as many as I can carry
  • Medicated wipes
  • Antiseptic cream
  • Socks & gloves so they don't scratch themselves
  • Spew rags (as many as I can carry)
  • Cute going-home clothes
  • Car capsule

That list will probably change with the wind, but it's a decent start.  At least I'll be able to get home & swap anything out if need be.  We're also starting to consider bringing in our own basic kitchen stuff (toaster, kettle, etc) as the local hospitals don't usually stock that sort of gear & we've heard quite a few horror stories about the quality & consistency of the food available - they do have a Pancake House & a Pizza Hut that deliver to the suites, however. 

We'll see how prepared we are when the moment comes.  At least soon we'll have the support team of grandmothers to make sure we're doing everything right by our new arrival & the recovering new mum. 


07/28/2013 4:11am

Looks like Bruce thinks he should be going to the hospital as well!


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