Welcome back, mum!
With Single Week officially over as of Friday night, life has returned to normal.  Well, sort of.  
Megan's return on Friday saw us attend two doctors' appointments on Saturday morning, followed soon after by a haircut.  We got new ultrasound pictures of our little one, but it also meant that we didn't get breakfast until 2 pm.  
It also re-raised the debate about whether or not hair dyes, etc, are all really that bad during pregnancies and the questions about the information that is available on the subject.  
So far we have learned that there is a small, increased risk of exposure to carcinogens, which corresponded in a small increase in neuroblastoma, but these studies haven't quite been as decisive as many may have hoped.  Of course, it is always better to err on the side of caution; why risk something terrible happening to your child when it can be so easily avoided?  
She also took the chance yesterday to have her nails done while I was out at rugby training.  Now ordinarily, I would be upset that she had, in one day, not eaten for so long then gone to the hair salon and the nail place.  When I came back though, she was happier & bubblier than ever, and I'm pretty sure that whatever trivial amount of toxins had crept into her skin while being around the beauty treatment things, were probably negated by all the happiness hormones that were now streaming through her veins.  
And obviously, we live in Manila.  I'm certain that there are more carcinogens in the air we breathe here than there could ever be inside any hair salon.  Ever.


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