Every. Single. Day.
Today I am going to embark on the shopping trip.  I promised myself that I'd do it sometime this week, and now the time has come.  
Normally, I hate shopping.  I loathe it intensely.  Ask anyone.   There are thousands of things I'd prefer to do before shopping.  As a male, who was single for a long time, I don't think I ever went shopping - I went buying.  Like some nomadic caveman, I only went out to get things if and when I needed them.  It was great. 
Also, another thing that I can't stand is the local hobby here of 'malling'.  Not 'mauling', which would be understandable, but 'malling' - the practice of being inside a mall.  It's huge in the Philippines.  They love it so much that they put it on their resumes.  What it translates to, however, is thousands of people being unnecessarily inside stores.  Obviously, I'm not one to tell people what they can & cannot do, and as a visitor to the country, I have to abide by their customs.  If you hadn't already guessed, I find this incredibly frustrating and it sends me into a hulk-like fury.  
Now, though, I have a fiancee, and she enjoys shopping, and I have things that I need to buy, and all that baby stuff is just so freakin' adorable...  
I'm not going to go too crazy with the buying, obviously.  We don't know the gender, or how big he or she will be, so that limits our clothing options considerably.  And according to quite a few of the expat mothers that we have spoken to here, the locally-available nappies are quite prone to a LOT of leakage.  Ergo, most of our nappies will have to be ferried in by a couple of doting grandmothers...  
Now that just leaves me to pick up the other stuff we need - cots, tables, change bags, towels, bottles, dummies, monitors, bassinets, baths, toys, books, high chairs, car seats, prams, blankets....  

Alright.  I've procrastinated long enough...  


03/08/2013 3:24am

You should add a pregnancy pillow to the list....meg will need it when the belly pops out in a couple of weeks!


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