Earlier this week, Bruce & I printed out a list of the top 1000 boys and girls names from a few years back.  I figured that with 1000 each, the fact that it was a few years old wouldn't matter so much.  
Now the name debate in our house comes up often, and I dare say that it will continue to come up, right up until the baby arrives.  However, with Megan away, I decided to seek some independent inspiration from this list.  
What I ended up with was not promising...  Of the thousand names each, I found only a small handful that I liked.  I was a little worried when I looked back and saw that I had eliminated over 980 boys names and 990 girls names, but I took heart from the fact that among the fallen were names like "Justus", "Jamarion", and "Jayvon" (boys), and "Princess", "Miracle", and "Aurora" (girls).  Honourable mention goes to "Heaven", Haeven", and "Nevaeh".  Genius...

Now in a cunning move, I've thrown out the copy of the list with my scribblings on it, and reprinted it so that when Megan comes home, she'll be able to go through it herself.  If any of our selections correlate, it'll be a miracle!  We'll just have to wait, results will be out next week.

03/05/2013 11:44pm

If its a girl - name her after a Bond Girl!!!!!

10/19/2013 11:17am

Great site, did I read this right that its free from Weebly?


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