It's often been said that it's darkest before the dawn.  That's what it seems like right now.  With Megan nearing 39 of 40 weeks, and looking very, very large, we are both watching the clock & doing everything we can to try to convince our little guy/gal to say hello.

We've been doing our best lately - trying to walk as much as we can, bouncing on gym balls, taking evening primrose oil, all the rest to try to coax the baby out.  Our doctor has told us that we're 'ripe', too, so now all that's left to do is wait... 

Waiting would be fine if it wasn't so frustrating!  And if you think I'm frustrated, you should talk to Megan...  After all, she's got to carry all that extra weight around, feeding & nurturing it 24 hours a day.  All I can do is sit by & try to help as much as possible, wherever I can.  Thankfully, she's decided to work from home now, which eases a bit of pressure, and hopefully should make things easier should any 'accidents' happen.  She's still working away, but is now able to treat herself to little naps when the need falls upon her.  I'm left following her around, making sure she's eating properly, brushing up on breastfeeding books, researching postnatal depression, and trying to provide a calming influence in what has become a quite highly-strung household.  Even the dog seems jittery now...  Every bump in the night sends us all into an expectant flash of activity - What was that pain?  Was it the baby? How are you feeling?  Is it coming? I'll start the car...  IS IT COMING???

Normally when we've got time to wait, we find ways to keep our minds busy - usually by going to the pub, or doing something else that is simply out of the question now.  Now everything is centred around the child, making sure we're as ready as we can be, and all we can do is try not to get in each other's hair.  To compound matters, we've got both grandmothers arriving this weekend - hopefully it'll mean that we have heaps of other stuff to talk about & they can provide the unique insight that only grandmothers seem to have.  On the other side, it could mean that there are now two more sets of eyes bearing down on Meg's belly, with sinews stiffened & blood summoned, like greyhounds in the slips... 

I'm certain that it won't be that bad at all, but lately I've had lots of time to think about it!  And like our doctor warned, there could be another two weeks yet.  And so with bated breath we try to stave off the anxiety of the inevitable wait. 


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