We made it to a month! In spite of our initial predictions of everything going normally, we've scraped through...  Or maybe it did all go normally?

Whilst there's nothing at all 'wrong' with our little angel, there isn't much that seems to be going perfectly right either.  And the more I experience, hear & read, the more I believe that this is the way it's supposed to be.  Everyone's happy and healthy, which is all I could hope for. 

There are a few things I wish I'd known before all of this, however. And I guess there's really no way of knowing, other than doing it all ourselves.  The top few probably are:
1. Breastfeeding is bloody difficult.  Every bit of advice that we've heard has conflicted to the point where now nothing makes any sense.  In the words of one of my very eloquent French friends, mother to three gorgeous little kids "this is all horseshit".  Sounds much classier with a French accent, right?
The one singular piece of consistent advice is "do what you feel is right", which seems to be working well enough.
2. The mucky bits aren't so bad.  Really, gents, they aren't.  The nappies don't stink as much as you'd think, and when it's your own tiny baby that needs its butt wiped, those immature thoughts about pee & poop disappear. 
Even at the hospital, if you get the chance to check out 'the business end', go for it!  When are you ever going to get that chance again?  I never got to.  Man up & do your melancholy duty.
3. The crying.  Oh the crying!  Now there's something I didn't expect.  Our Ava has been amazing since the beginning, with such cute little cries and so little fussing...  Now, however, she's turned into a banshee!  I've never heard such desperate, soul-piercing wails!  And all from something that weighs less than 4kg - it doesn't make sense! 

Above all, when she's not pooping or peeing, draining her mother of nutrients, or screaming the house down in a blue fit, she's the most amazing little thing and I wouldn't change any of it for the world.


09/11/2013 12:52am

Hang in there guys, this to will pass.. All before you know it..xxx

09/22/2013 6:04am

I always thought bf would be soooo easy, I mean it looks like a piece of cake right! It takes time and patience. I'm proud to say that at two years and one week we have finally called it quits at our house and I can promise you weaning is way harder...something to look forward to I guess.


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