Every time I think about posting a new article, to write about whatever new achievement Ava has accomplished, to boast about how amazing my little daughter is, I get distracted.  Usually, it's because she's climbing on something she shouldn't, eating something she shouldn't, or trying to do something else that she probably shouldn't....  

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity - we had Ava's grandparents visit (all four of them, though not at the same time), one weekend of rugby here in Manila, one weekend of rugby in Hong Kong, and one weekend away, relaxing.  I say relaxing but really I mean we went away for two nights, loaded the car with everything we could possibly need (kitchen sink included), and tried as hard as we possibly could to enjoy ourselves...  with mixed results.  

So the last few weeks have been anything but settled, but one thing has remained constant: our little sweetheart continues to grow and grow and grow as fast as she possibly can.  It feels like she has left babyhood so far behind already, I feel like we have a toddler instead.  

As she continues on her upward streak, she smashes her milestone achievements and makes me miss the days of when she was so much smaller.  She is now making some very deliberate noises, and knows how to let you know if she's not getting what she wants!  She's also eating meats with her teeny little teeth and using her little tiny fingers to grab it really well.  

Most amazingly, though, is the first tiny steps she's beginning to take.  She can now stand on her own for a decently long period of more than a few seconds.  She can balance all by herself, and regain that balance if she gets a bit too shaky.  The best part is the steps: the wobbly, awkward, happy steps.  It doesn't look like much, but to me it's amazing.  

I don't even care that it's the start of a new chapter of worry for us all; that she will quickly learn how to get where she wants to be and that we need to childproof everything even more than what we already have.  She'll climb, she'll fall, she'll reach for things, she'll break things...  I could never be upset with her for any of that, though.  She has so much that she wants to learn, I just hope that I can keep up.


04/15/2014 7:13pm

Hey! Now you understand why every single "old" person (understand: the ones with bigger kids) were telling you months ago when she was a tiny one : "Enjoy her, it goes so fast ..."
And in few months from now, you'll be looking at today's picture thinking "OMG, I thought she was big and yet she was so little .."
And then ...
You'll have another baby .... just to enjoy the babyhood again :)
Ah ah ah! Says the mom who's wishing for a 4th one ;)


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