One piece of advice that has consistently cropped up from all of our valuable parent-friends is to take a break.  I think almost everyone I've spoken to has recommended getting out of town & spending some time on ourselves, as apparently, there will be almost no chance of that happening once we have our little one.  
So, always willing to heed good advice, and ever-ready for a holiday, we are doing it.  We are taking the Easter break to spend a few days on a tropical island, relaxing in the sun.  Cocktails in hand for me, something really boring for Megan.  Side note - I do truly feel bad that she is so limited because of the baby.  I really do feel terrible, but thanks to nature, I don't have the option to bear children, so c'est la vie, non?  Now there seems to be the recurrent theme that a babymoon is a final chance to get away before your incoming children burden you to the floor, not a celebration that a sweet little bundle of life is on its way.  I'm currently organising my best mate's stag party, and honestly, the two events sound strikingly similar...  Seriously, the whole purpose is do to a lot of the things that you probably can't do again for years - relax, get massages, read newspapers, lounge around for hours - all without the constant thought that another human is 100% reliant upon you for everything they will need for the next 18 or so years.  That's a lot longer than a lot of marriages these days.  Obviously it's not going to be the same as my mate's stag do - but the concepts are identical.  
My dad tells me that they got away plenty after my brother & I were born, so I shouldn't worry too much.  And we did, I remember our trip to Bali, not long after by brother came along, and all the camping trips we went on while we were young.  So they did manage to get away - I am curious about the quality of that time though - were we horrible little brats that constantly needed things, or were we good little boys that didn't mind the strange new environments?  I would hope that the amount of travelling we've both since done means that we were fairly good travelers - I hope that that's something we can transfer to our kids, as we will definitely be doing a lot of it.  

For now, though, our little one will have to wait.  Our time to spoil ourselves is quickly turning from months into weeks, which will soon turn to days and then to hours.  It's time to get those bags packed!


03/26/2013 8:23pm

Take a leaf out of our book - our kids are seasoned travellers! Life doesn't need to come to a grinding halt, but having said that, enjoy your break away and your time as a couple. Lots of love to you both xxxx

10/13/2013 10:18am

Was browsing Google and found your site, enjoyed the reading, thanks


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