Further to our last post about surviving with toddlers, yesterday we got a bit of a peek into the life of kid's birthdays: we'd scored an invite to a party for one of our friends' sons party.  I'd never really been to a child's party before - there had been some others, but this was my first with a child of my own, so I was paying a lot more attention. 

There were kids ranging from two weeks to about 5 years old, and although there weren't many, it seemed like there were hundreds.  All laughing, running, playing, squealing, splashing; they were having the time of their lives!  It was amazing to see so many kids enjoying themselves so much. 

And the parents were extremely well catered for, too.  The other expats sure know how to entertain a crowd.  I'm not ashamed to say that I got in on the mini hot dogs & sausage rolls, as well as a good dose of ice cream...  All in all, it was an incredibly well orchestrated event - they certainly set the bar high, following it up will be a tough act! 

Little Ava handled it all incredibly well, she had her fair share of attention, with many parents stopping in to reminisce about when their little one was her age...  So quiet & immobile...  it made us appreciate so much how tiny she was, but also how much she has ahead of her.  How she'll have friends like those kids, she'll play & run & laugh, and how much we can't wait until she grows up to be a pretty little girl joining in on all that fun! 


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