Yours truly in action in last year's M10s final
Tomorrow is one of Manila's biggest weekends - please forgive my bias toward expat sporting events.  The Manila 10s rugby tournament draws hundreds of sports fanatics to the city each March for one weekend full of tries, tackles, tears and triumphs.  And probably a lot of Tanduay.  
Throughout the years of playing rugby, I've racked up my share of injuries, and I know many blokes who have had some quite debilitating accidents on the rugby field.  It makes me wonder, will my son or daughter play contact sports?  

I've been playing rugby (and sometimes Aussie Rules & League) since I was a little kid; so did my dad and his dad before him.  My family has always been sporty and of course I'd like to continue that with my children.  But do I want to subject my kid to all the bad things that happen?  The aching muscles, the sore joints, is it all worth it?

In my opinion, yes it is.  I have had an amazing time playing sports all over the world.  From the Waratah Shield at my school in Canberra to the New York Sevens, and everywhere in between, sport has opened my world up and introduced me to some amazing people.  So far I've come away with some great mates, got some decent scars, and had some brilliant times.  I've been hurt, yes, sometimes quite badly, but I've always recovered.  There have been operations, too, but that's what insurance is for.  Of course I won't ever force him or her into something they don't want to do, but if they do want to, I want to see them enjoy it as much as possible.  

In short,  I will definitely be encouraging my kid to get involved in sports, whether it's rugby or not isn't important, just so long as it isn't soccer - soccer - really...  I'm pretty sure it wont be up to me, anyway...


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