PictureThe well-intentioned offender
Recently Megan has been stressing out a little about the things that could be bad for Ava.  And this isn't a bad thing at all - but it does provide some amusing times.  I've written before about some of the more ridiculous products available, preying on new parents' insecurities, and we've been conscious about not buying into the silliness of it all.  One thing, however, has been the source of some fun recently.  Meg bought a steriliser.  

While neither of us wants to mollycoddle our baby, we agree that it's a good idea to keep things germ-free, especially in a place like Manila where infections abound (i.e. hand, foot and mouth disease, respiratory tract infections, gastrointestinal infections, etc).  Also Bruce is getting much more confident around her, and while he's mostly clean, he does have some pretty dirty personal habits....  So periodic sterilisation is probably a good policy, generally. 

The fun started last night when she started to sterilise whatever she could find - primarily the bottles, teats, etc - that is supposed to go into the baby's mouth.  From there, it escalated somewhat.  The good bits started when she took the various bits & pieces out of the steriliser - what to do with them afterwards?  I did suggest that she also sterilise the paper towel with which she wiped the condensed steam off with, which was met with a moment of total confusion before she realised that I was being completely facetious. 

The conversation immediately turned farcical, from "we should also sterilise this" to "are you sure we can't just sterilise the baby"...  While it's great to be vigilant and actively try to prevent infections, there's only so much we can do without becoming those parents.  Ultimately, she's going to eat a fist full of mud somewhere, or pick up some other kid's flu or something, but for now, watching Meg try to avoid touching anything with her hands is some pretty good entertainment. 


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