PictureOne week ago - so far away now
After arriving back from London & somehow surviving on just a few unenjoyable hours sleep, Meg dragged me off to see our doctor. 

The good news is that everything is currently going to plan.  The bad news is that our new paediatrician probably hates me because of the blank, zombie-like stare that was all I could manage through our meeting... 
Since then, I have finally managed to get a full night's sleep (during the night time, too!) and get my affairs in some semblance of order.  Two days ago that was an incredibly frightening thought, and as we farewelled Megan's mother from her caretaker visit, she says to me "think about how tired you are now, and imagine what it's going to be like in a month".  Her ominous words still echo through my head & I shudder at the thought of just how sleepless we'll both be. 

Ultimately, though, our baby is coming, and soon.  Like a runaway freight-train of inevitability, we'll have him/her here before we know it, whether we like it or not.  So now, the preparation is in full gear.  Bags are being packed, equipment checked, plans planned, routes timed, bags repacked, back-up plans planned...  I was even offered the chance by our OB/GYN to assist with the delivery of the baby. Cue hours of watching videos of live births and shows like "One Born Every Minute" (the British version - British versions are always better than US copies of shows - Inbetweeners & the Office take note). 

So are we ready?  No.  Will we ever be ready?  It's unlikely.  Is anyone?  Probably not.  But, we're doing our best.  Every time we learn something new, we realise that there's so much more to learn.  We'll do our best though, and will have to make the rest up as we go! 


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