Just yesterday my dear lady & I went shopping.  Not really shopping, but browsing through the baby sections of our local department stores...  For me, this was pretty scary.  I'm not a good shopper at the best of times.  In fact, I'd say I am a terrible shopper.  There are a million things that I'd rather do than go shopping, but there we were, surrounded by brightly coloured, plastic baby things.

I know that it's inevitable, but having to buy all that shit scared me.  How do people so little need so much crap?  And I guess that it's mostly not their fault - they have no idea how many shirts they own, nor do they care how cute they look in those size 0000 jeans (for like three days).  That baby's got no idea what the hell it's wearing.  It doesn't care.  It could make a mess all over my $10 t-shirt, or Megan's $400 cashmere top - it doesn't care.  
It's the people selling it that tell us that they need it.  One thing, out of the hundreds that amused me, was a food processor, made just for babies.  I mean, really, can any other adult-based food processor make baby food?  Is this something that children have been missing for the last 2.3 million years?  What happened before this?  Did babies get fed food from an adult food processor????  How did they ever survive before this?  

The questioning of things like that is probably what makes me a terrible person to shop with...  


Amy Dunne
03/09/2013 9:07pm

Congratulations to you!!
having just produced my first child, I can absolutely assure you that you do not need half the crap they try to sell you. I can also assure that a babyfood blender is a waste of money, a stick blender or a potato masher does the trick and they dont eat it that smooth for very long!


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