Today we crested the theoretical halfway point in our pregnancy   140 days down, 140 days to go.  Of course, this isn't gospel - the baby will arrive whenever it wants to - we are just thankful to be on the downhill slope.  
Our due date has changed every time we have been to see our OBGYN, so I have decided not to put any faith in the estimations.  Megan, however, loves it as each time, the due date gets brought forward.  One thing that's certain, though, is that our little one is growing almost perfectly in time with all the estimations for its age.  
With its grandmother coming to stay last week, we snuck a look at him/her via ultrasound in something uniquely Filipino - a store called "In My Womb" in one of the nearby malls.  Now the idea that a 4D ultrasound is just over the road, and I can go there grab some groceries, have a milk shake and see my son/daughter in utero, it amuses me greatly.  Megan's mother was with us when we went in, and was completely blown away by the concept.  She had three daughters, and throughout all of her pregnancies, had three ultrasounds.  
Quietly, though, I was going crazy.  We really don't want to find out the gender until it's born, and at our last doctor's appointment, were told that we should be very stern when informing the radiographers that we didn't want to find out.  Apparently, this is something that the locals get super excited about, and have been known to spill the beans on many occasions.  So now we were in a shopping mall with bags of shopping, having an impulsive 4D ultrasound.  I didn't want to find out from our OBGYN, and if I had've found out from a shop in a mall, I would've torn the place apart.  My only real surprise in life, ruined by some random with an expensive camera....  
As it turns out, they didn't.  They did, however, have a look just for themselves - apparently they considered themselves entitled to check out my child's genitals.  Our baby must've known and crossed its legs so they couldn't get a good look - I was impressed that the little one already takes after its father in that department.  Now we have some cool little images of our developing baby (if a little ghoulish - it's still got a ways to go) and one grandmother got a sneak peek at our little one, which is pretty amazing.  
For now, though, we cross our fingers that the next 140 days sees our baby continue to grow normally, and keep hoping for no surprises, in 4D or otherwise!


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