Today is Father's Day here in the Philippines, and how did I spend my day?  
I awoke to find my darling fiancee watching some terrible, terrible television, so I cooked her a nice Sunday breakfast.  Unfortunately, though, she felt a bit queasy afterwards & went straight back to bed.  So my morning didn't really get off to a wonderful start, but I did get a cheeky lie-in, and now my TV isn't so embarrassed.  

We have had a very busy time of late - we've had all of our parents visiting - who brought some amazing gifts with them; we've just picked up our new car; Meg went to Sri Lanka; we were able to get to Hong Kong and get some precious shopping time in; and my rugby team has returned to its winning ways!  

Meg's parents visited recently (in two stints, mum first, then dad), bringing with them a whole heap more things for baby.  They've delivered hundreds of leak-proof nappies as well as formula, clothes, toys, and all manner of other miscellany, and we are incredibly thankful.  It's always great to have visitors like them :)

Our traveling has kicked up a notch, with Megan attending a work conference in Colombo for 5 days.  Flying was a bit unpleasant due to her increasing belly becoming increasingly uncomfortable, combined with the late-night flights, does not for a happy Megan make...  Our Hong Kong trip was much more enjoyable, however.  A shorter, direct flight & the relative ease made for a much more relaxing experience.  We were also able to fit in a good, solid shopping session at one of the SoHo baby stores which, even after a long day of traveling, saw Megan's eyes light up like an oasis in the desert.  She was able to pick up a few maternity items which aren't available in the Manila stores - she keeps blaming the Filipinas for all being far too skinny... 

For now though, we're back home & can put our feet up....  Well, sort of.  Purchasing our new car will undoubtedly make our lives much easier.  Getting a Manila taxi can be a harrowing, anxiety-promoting experience at the best of times, so after two years we've bitten the bullet & picked up our own vehicle.  Neither of us really wanted our newborn to have to ride in the back of a cab here...  the roads, safety standards & traffic is bad enough without having to share it with families of cockroaches & whatever else lives in the back of those cars....  
I did have a small win - we didn't have to get a mini van!!  We've got an SUV with 5 seats, which should be ample for the two of us with a baby seat.  It means, though, that we wont be able to have a driver, a yaya & all of our family/friends ride along with us wherever we go, but I'm not concerned about that at all.

And finally my broken foot is healing up nicely & I am getting much closer to being back on the rugby field to join my mates again.  No more sulking on the sideline!!

P.S.  We still have no idea about a name...


08/01/2013 7:34pm

Leak-proof nappies??? WHERE ARE THEY??? ha ha ha its amazing how "not leak proof" they are at times!!

08/01/2013 8:19pm

Please don't tell me that...... Good thing we have wooden floors I guess!


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