Well, we have now crested the half-way point, and are now on the downhill run.  The race is almost over.  That is, if it was a race... 
The truth is that once this brief period ends, another longer, more intense one starts, which will last the rest of our lives.  

Over the past six months, we've learned all kinds of stuff - some enlightening, some terrifying.  Some issues have been resolved, and some hang just as precariously in the balance as they did six months ago (like his/her name - we still haven't got a clue).  
It seems as though everyone we meet is also falling pregnant - friends and strangers alike - my hairdresser is now pregnant, a mate from the Philippine Volcanoes is expecting within a few days of us.  Of course this is all relative - I'm only noticing it now that it applies directly to me.  
We have learned all about "pregnancy brain" and how it affects both of us.  All this new learning seems to be pushing a lot of the old stuff out of my mind.  And of course, now that my priorities have completely changed, that's not such a bad thing.  Where I used to crave getting out of the house & to the pub with mates, I'm now finding that I don't really feel like it & really just want to stay in, watching Meg's belly move.  
There isn't one aspect of our lives that hasn't changed.  Every time I cook a meal now, I have to consider what she might want to eat - what's good for her & what's not.  And of course, our overall wine consumption has taken a nosedive and is now firmly in the red.  Meg can't wait to square that ledger when the time comes!
Our daily routine has already been shaken up - with Meg taking just a little longer to get herself dressed & ready to face the day, and me trying to make sure she has all the right stuff to take with her to get her through the day.  

Of course, these changes to our lives aren't all bad.  There's always a silver lining, as upsetting as our new challenges may seem at the time.  So far, the positives include these following:
  • Our diets are now much more healthy, as annoying as that's been
  • Megan's wardrobe is due for a massive overhaul, which it will get later
  • We have saved a fair bit of money from not going out to bars & restaurants all the time
  • We are starting to be able to relate to all our friends' horror stories.

The best part is yet to come though.  The best part will be when our little girl or boy enters the world.  Whether our baby is a blue-eyed boy or a brown-eyed girl (or even a ginger), our lives will be irreversibly changed for the better.  Each day brings us one step closer, and each day our excitement grows.  

I'm still not totally sure about the ginger thing, though... 

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