I just realised that our last post was on her first birthday, and that I hadn't published any of the drafts I'd been trying to write since then...  So with those in the trash, here we find ourselves, two months later.  So much has happened in that time, I'll try to condense it. 

Our wee darling has grown so much.  She now rarely walks, instead she runs.  She has also made the leap from her old play group into the next age bracket, which terrified me to think that she was no longer a baby, but becoming a fully-fledged toddler so early.  Ava seems unsure of her new place, but I'm certain she'll grow into it much sooner than I'd like.  She is already so happy to walk and explore on her own, it won't be long before she doesn't need us at all...  

Perhaps the most fun part of her growing up (for me) is the height projection - at 14 months of age she is now 80 cm tall.  They say that at two years old, a child will be half their adult height.  For Ava, this means she is already going to be 5 cm taller than her mother; in another 10 months, who knows how much more she'll grow.  She'll probably be taller than me!

She has also developed so much mentally, her speech just amazes us.  The clarity with which she pronounces words is something that continually astounds me - and not just the little words like mummy, daddy, car, book, etc, but words like 'strawberry', 'bottle' and 'Bruce'.  It won't be long before she's stringing sentences together, and probably in Tagalog as well as English.  She has also learned to say yes and no, with enthusiastic nodding or shaking of her head.  She hasn't quite mastered answering questions yet, but always seems to know when she's being asked something, and responds with about 50% accuracy.  

Perhaps the best news of all is that she has stopped reacting to dairy products.  We're not exactly sure when or how this happened, but recent testing has shown that her previous allergy seems to have passed.  This is amazing news to us as it magnifies incredibly the range of foods she can have, and gives us so much peace of mind for the future.  Our little one can now enjoy all the greatness of cheese, butter, cream - all the things that make life great!!  

In other news, she has now developed a tiny pair of eye teeth, which have been giving her terrible pain, but thankfully the worst is now behind us and she can start testing them out on more grown-up foods.  She has also become super clingy, which we're trying hard to work out of her system.  We're unsure of how it came about, but it meant for a difficult time lately, and a lot of sleepless nights for Megan.  She seemed to only want to be held by her mother and wailed terribly whenever she was put down or picked up by anyone else.  
The last two months have been an absolute whirlwind of activity for us all here, and the next two look equally as busy.  Many more pictures and stories of our recent events will follow!


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