After another short trip back home to Australia, we have settled back into our lives here in Manila...  Well, sort of... 

I'm becoming inclined to think that the only time a 'routine' becomes apparent for a parent is when the children move out.  We had thought that coming home with Ava healthy again would make everything easier.  Ava's new-found health has instead lead to much more activity, however.  She has found the ability to roll around and stay awake for long periods of time...  Couple that with the time difference between eastern Australia & the Philippines, and what you get is a very active, increasingly vocal baby, wide awake from 4am onwards, taking a couple of 10 minute naps every 6 hours or so... 

It all adds up to a sometimes very frustrated dad who can't get Dr Seuss' stories nor the latest nursery rhyme out of his head.  It also means that Ava has been seeing a lot of the rugby channel lately...  It's not that I'm not super happy about her development, but I have been finding it hard to adjust to her schedule. 

It reminds me of those times when you hear fathers complain that stay-at-home mothers do nothing during the day, and with Megan starting back at work (thankfully Christmas has now taken that one over for me - thanks, Santa) I'm feeling more and more useless at home as I always seem to run out of time & energy to get anything done.  I think in the last week I have spent about 30 hours flipping Ava back from her stomach to her back after she's become too frustrated & started to wail.  Of course I want her to get more proficient with her motor skills, but the constant need for attention can quickly erode the most patient of us... 

Many of our friends have expressed concern as to why we don't hire a ya-ya; why we don't take advantage of such a great opportunity to take the workload away while we can.  We have a housekeeper to take all the more menial tasks off our hands, but wanted to do the bulk of the parenting ourselves, which, for the most part, is great fun.  Our other little helper, Bruce, has been getting more & more involved with his little sister, and as she grows more & more inquisitive, he is getting more & more attention, usually in the form of face grabs & fur pulls.  His reactions so far have been very good - he knows that Ava's a precious little thing and is still very cautious around her, but he's a long way off becoming babysitter material yet. 

My hope is that in the coming months, Ava will grow more and more, becoming more ambulatory and wear herself out naturally with learning to sit up & starting to crawl.  While I'm aware that it will open up different concerns (i.e. baby-proofing everything in the house), it will be amazing to see her becoming more self-sufficient and hopefully she will be able to start to learn on her own, instead of us spending countless hours trying to keep her mind amused.  Whatever happens in the next little while, I'm sure Ava will do it all at her own pace and we'll just have to try to keep up!


12/22/2013 10:15pm

It is an exhausting phase and feels like forever when you're in it, but in a few years you'll look back and wonder where this time went.


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