Recently we've had the opportunity to babysit a newborn for some friends of ours, as well as our 5 year old nephew (not at the same time, thankfully).  The experience was nothing short of eye-opening...

Our friends' baby is an awesome kid, as is our nephew, but having two at a time is definitely not something that we're keen to get into for a long time...  At least until we've forgotten how much work a newborn is! 

We found out pretty quickly how much work it was with the 3-week-old.  Pushing two strollers and trying to eat breakfast was a bit more than we were ready for - lots of swapping hands, waiting for each other to finish so we can change hands, and amusingly, lots of telling people that they weren't twins...

With the 5-year-old, it was a similar yet completely different story.  While he was amazingly gentle around her, the amount of energy required to keep up with him was staggering!  Always wanting to play, to talk, to eat...  While all we wanted to do was to keep our baby satisfied, it was impossible to balance the two.   While we do want a second child, at some stage, it was a good way to work out just how difficult it would be.  To those parents who have lots of little children around the same age, well done!  You've done better than we will! 

I think we're both fully convinced that our second will be a few years away, only when overwhelmed with a toddler will we think "newborns are so easy, we should have another one of them".


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