Finally we have Ava's passport!  She's now a fully-fledged person of the world and ready to travel.  Like her parents, and her parents' parents, her new passport will be full before we know it, and the first stop?  Singapore! 

It's a fairly quick trial trip for her big homecoming before Christmas.  Only three nights, so not too long to be away from home for the poor little thing.  Hopefully it'll be a good way to iron out any kinks in our travel plans. 
We've got almost everything we need packed - I think...  We've probably packed way too much, as usual, but it'll be a good way to find out what we need & what we don't.

Our final hurdle will be getting an exit clearance for her as she currently doesn't have a visa to be in the Philippines.  We'll keep you updated as to how that process goes... 

Until then, it's Singapore Slings at the Long Bar in Raffles and some clean(er) air! 


Sokunthy Moch
10/18/2013 3:46pm

Did Megan print the passport for princes Eva? :)


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