Abaca Resort Mactan - purpose built for doing nothing
While on a Skype chat to my dad while we were away, he said to us "just make sure you make the most of it".   Now I have faith that we will be able to travel once the baby arrives - albeit in a limited capacity - but it was definitely a reminder that our babymoon should be a particularly special trip.  So we committed ourselves to having the most relaxingest time we could.
It was an amazing location - so quiet & perfect for relaxing.  Our concierge, on the first day, said to us "the favourite thing for people to do here is nothing", which suited us perfectly.  The whole trip was brilliant and I can't recommend it highly enough. The place we stayed at was superb in every aspect.  I wondered if I'd put too much pressure on myself to be able to relax (thereby negating any relaxation), but then I succumbed to the intense relaxing I was doing & forgot about it.  
Getting away from the city, with all it's buses, construction & people, was an absolute godsend.  For four days I did so little - if it were any other four days I'd be disgusted with myself.  So much sloth & gluttony but I really don't care.  A few days in a place like that adds years to your life; I don't think I've ever enjoyed nothing so much.  It was made easier by the other guests at the resort, too - there were four other couples with young children, who definitely didn't have as good a time as we did.  
Now though, it's back to Manila.  Back to work & the real world.  I think I could feel my muscles tighten and my brow furrow as we landed back at Manila airport, but in the wise words of Dr Seuss: don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.


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