Tonight Ava was lucky enough to step out into the big wide world & meet her local extended family - the Philippines rugby community. 

She hadn't ventured so far previously, and the big trip (4 1/2 hours) took a bit of a toll on the little one - so many new faces, sounds and smells!  Lots of mates keen to see her on her first visit to the home of Asia's favourite rugby club, as well as a few other new arrivals keen to make acquaintances. 

She was very well behaved (I'm told), and seemed to like spending time meeting new people.  Not that we're handing over the car keys yet - but it's a positive step & we'll definitely be getting out a bit more now that we know what to expect (I think we only had two nappies to change, as well a few feeding sessions).  Hopefully now we'll be able to take her to more rugby games and I won't have to explain all the rules again. 

Fortunately, dad had a win so everyone can sleep easy tonight.  And after a long trip like that, everyone's off for a well-earned rest!


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