Some of our gifts. So bloody cute!
It's here!  Our first care package from home!  

Yesterday afternoon Meg's mother arrived, bearing more goods than we could've hoped.  Dozens of tiny nappies, little onesies, miniature toys and beautiful wee clothes.  Now most of these little gifts favour function over form, and some of the gifts are hand-me-downs from Megan's nephews.  Now I have no issue with giving my child some used products.  Some parents that I've met have insisted solely on buying the best for their impending arrivals, resulting in huge costs to themselves & their families for items that they'll use only once.  
Without wanting to sound harsh, I'm pretty sure that my little baby won't know any different.  Whether he or she gets brand-new Stokke products or old shirts from Target, he'll never know.  Obviously this practice can't and won't go on for very long, but it's common sense.  All the products that we're using have been tried & trusted by our friends & family, so we know that they work well.  And right now, they're also inexpensive (never mind the cost of delivery).  
Of course we have been buying some things.  Mostly things that we can get here that are decent quality, and things that we're going to need plenty of.  And of course, those adorable little pieces that we can't walk past...  
For now, though, a big thank you goes out to Grandma Louise for her generosity and selflessness - her suitcase was 90% stuff for someone who doesn't really 'exist' yet - her gifts are greatly appreciated and will become very handy in the months to come!


03/14/2013 11:21pm

Have you got baby brain in sympathy for Meg? You just trailed off....or is that the effect my mother has on people :) If it makes you feel better I still go to the second hand markets every weekend and buy Carter books and toys and he loves it - they cost me $1 or $2 and he gets a constant supply of "new" things. I figure it is another few years before I get the pressure of buying all those super expensive new toys!


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