Bruce is still a little unsure
Our past weekend was an interesting one.  We were fortunate to be able to spend time on Saturday night with our ever-developing circle of parent friends, meeting some new arrivals in Manila with their own new arrival, as well as consulting some of the old hands at the baby game.  While most of my time was spent talking about the rugby, I'm sure Meg got a few good snippets of information, along with how to light a BBQ (all the boys were either playing sport, or being treated at hospital after playing sport).  
We did, however, learn how one couple's birth plan got thrown into disarray when they fell ill, which got us thinking that we need to develop a birth plan...  

Sunday morning was spent brunching, and again, debating potential names.  While we are still no closer to a decision, we have narrowed the field a little.  When I say a little, I mean that we re-ruled out several of the names that we had already ruled out, and some variations on their spelling.  I also started to consider the initials our little son or daughter will have.  Some weren't so good (I.R.A, N.V.A, M.M.A - a lot of fighting acronyms seem to end in A), but some weren't too bad.  I figured if he or she made it to the Olympics, and somehow the initials ended up U.S.A, all the Americans would be chanting for them.  Of course, finding names that we like starting with U isn't easy - and neither is rearing an Olympian, I suppose - but it'd be worth it.

Our breakfast turned into a shopping trip (she always gets me with that), so now we are almost kitted out with the basics (special thanks to some friends from the rugby club for their second-hand bed).  Bruce seems to be getting increasingly worried that all this new stuff is not for him.  He's becoming increasingly sooky, especially at night.  It's like he's trying to reaffirm his place as our first priority, which is super cute, but hopefully he'll accept the new person who will take up most of our time in a few months.  

For now though, we're preparing for my parents to arrive, hopefully bringing all the stuff that Meg has ordered online.  Hopefully it'll mean less shopping trips for this guy for a few more weeks!!


04/29/2013 2:24am

Ursula, Umina, Uther (as in Pendragon), Ulrich (Von Lichtenstein!!!!), Ugenia (terrible...don't approve of bastardised spellings), Unity....nope that's all I got.
Seriously though, glad to hear you're really enjoying this exciting time. The friends you make through children tend to be friends for life.

05/17/2013 8:52pm

Birth plan, schmirth plan.... our mid wife said at our first antenatal class... "if you have a birth plan throw it right out the window right now!". Frankly, I tended to agree with her. Personally, I went with the whole "I'm down for whatever" attitude which kept me pretty relaxed. Its hard to plan for something that you know absolutely nothing about until your in the situation. Its hard to know how you body will react, whether baby is going to come quick or slow, or my case 21 hours of pretty much zero progression resulting in an emergency caesarian. There was just no way I could have planned for that or seen it coming at all. My only idea was this baby has to come out and I want it to be in the safest and best possible way that it can be for me and him. So nothing threw me into disarray on the day, I took it as it came, and then wasn't disappointed with it not having gone a certain way. The only thing I would suggest is that if you have serious views on any drugs or anything just make sure your medical staff are well informed, but in saying that, Megan could very well change her mind once in the throws of labour. I had all the possible drugs and Malachi is grand!!
"Ultana" is an irish name, sorry thats all I've got! ;)


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