PictureSome of our new (and not so new) toys
Well, finally we have passed the 100 days-to-go mark!  Which of course doesn't mean things are any easier at all - in fact, they've become much harder.  Tiredness is starting to creep back into Meg's daily life, the weather is heating up and the baby is getting heavier by the day.  
The positive side is that we're so much closer to getting our little boy/girl & meeting them for the first time.  The 100 days thing isn't quite an exact science, but it's the small milestones that help us get over the daily hurdles we still face.  

Over the past week we've been playing hosts to my parents this time, and they've come through with the goods again - more stuff for baby (and a little for us).  Our focus has already shifted a little from newborn to a little bigger...  I think we've now covered the baby clothes for the first little while - after all, our little one won't be very little for too long...  They also brought with them some of the toys that I had when I was a baby (thoroughly washed, of course), which I didn't know still existed!  
It's been great to have them here (apart from all the gifts) to get a fresh set of eyes on some of the issues we're facing.  The differing opinions and view points definitely make for refreshing conversation, and they've helped to quell a few fears we'd had that our pregnancy wasn't normal.  We are still, however, no closer to choosing a name...


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